This is one easy and convenient way of diagnosing obstructive sleep apnea at home.

Who qualifies for a  home sleep test?

Patients with a high likelihood of moderate to severe sleep apnea may qualify for a home sleep test that allows you to sleep in the comfort of your own home rather than spending a night in a sleep lab.

Not every patient is eligible. The home test can’t be used for mild sleep apnea because it is not sensitive enough–mild sleep apnea must be diagnosed with an in-lab sleep test.

How does it work?

At our facility, you will be shown on how to use the the sleep testing device. The device collects diagnostic information: it records your breathing, pulse, and sleep position, and detects snoring.

The connections are easy for you to understand. Color-coded labels indicate where to connect the various sensor leads. The sensor information and indicators help you place the sensors correctly.

You take the device home, hook it up, and go to sleep. When you bring it back, Dr. Shetty will download the data.

After he interprets it, the results are discussed with you and further recommendations are given.